Artlets bag awards in univ-wide debate contest


Photo courtesy of Sophia Salonga
Photo courtesy of Sophia Salonga

MEMBERS of the AB Debate Parliament (ABDP) once again took home awards in this year’s Dialectics, the university-wide debate competition organized by the Thomasian Debaters Council.

History sophomore John Steven Usero emerged as the competition’s third best speaker while Communication Arts (CA) junior Taj Majal Pasihul and Asian Studies (ASN) junior Lorraine Sajorda both landed as fifth best speakers.

Joining the roster of awardees were ABDP Prime Minister and Behavioral Science senior Sophia Salonga and CA alumnus Rod Villafuerte, who were hailed as overall best adjudicator and second best adjudicator, respectively.

ABDP Deputy Prime Minister and Literature major Frances Ungria, English Language Studies major Belle Aringo, and CA alumna and former the Flame news writer Felice Anne Cargo all went home as third best adjudicators.

Journalism alumnus Roy Abraham Narra was declared quarterfinals adjudicator.

Reaching the semifinals with Pasijul and Sajorda, moreover, was Legal Management sophomore Nikki Elardo.

Salonga shared that the determination of the ABDP members made the organization “strive for excellence.”

“The advantage of ABDP […] is how it’s able to nurture the competitive spirit of each debater while maintaining a fun environment. Meaning to say that even though there are trainings that make you feel like giving up, it’s always balanced out by good training days and good competitions that make it all worthwhile,” Salonga said.

Dialectics 2017 Legacy: Create Live Leave was held last April 2 and 9 at the UST Faculty of Civil Law lobby. ANGELIQUE ANNE F. TORRES

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