LAYA candidates secure positions in TPSF

MEMBERS OF the Lakas ng Alyansang Yaman ay Aksyon (LAYA) party were proclaimed as winners in The Political Science Forum’s (TPSF) regular elections for the academic year 2021-2022, the UST-TPSF Comelec announced Wednesday.

The LAYA members were the only students who filed for candidacy in the election.

President-elect junior Paul Derick Olorga with 186 votes aims to conduct “Live, Learn, Lead,” a three-day seminar that will focus on students’ growth and the improvement of their learning. 

Olorga also promoted “LUALHATI,” which aims to highlight the history of TPSF, and Talakayan, a two-part program for the upcoming 2022 elections to inform and a two-part program to inform and discuss the candidates for the upcoming 2022 elections. 

Sophomore Maurice Jebb Agustin, vice president with 160 votes, vowed to help his fellow students with “POLeisipan,” a four-episode podcast series that would focus on showing different career paths students could take after college. 

Agustin also introduced the “BIDA Seminar,” a two-phase leadership seminar that would engage the youth in community building through leadership skills and to help them choose a candidate for the 2022 national elections.

Junior Richard Jonathan Real, a fourth-year batch representative with 42 votes aims to promote transparency with the “Public Information Access Bill” (PIA Bill), early access to essential documents from the TPSF admin.

Sophomores Alexandria Ryle Munar with 46 votes and Maria Catherine Tancioco with 42 votes will take over the position of third-year batch representatives with “Neo-dialogos,” a free space for TPSF members for discussions about sociopolitical issues. 

Freshman Wednesday Pascual, a second-year batch representative with 56 votes presented “PBot,” a chatbot that addresses concerns with prepared responses that can be accessed through the UST-TPSF Facebook page

Freshman Jeremy Lance Garcia, elected as the second-year batch representative with 58 votes, vowed to implement “PeoPOL’s Meet,” a town hall meeting that would be held twice in a semester to address the evaluations, grievances, and other concerns of their constituents.

The town hall meeting will also be used to accommodate requests and proposals from the members of TPSF.

The candidates from the LAYA party presented their platforms for the next academic year during the Miting de Avance on April 26 and elections were held on the 27th. F

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