Independent, DEKADA both snag 2 posts in ABSC

INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES claimed the position of vice president (VP)-internal and public relations officer (PRO), while political party DEKADA secured treasurer and secretary positions in the recent polls for the Artlets Student Council (ABSC).

Julliana Flores will lead the ABSC as the VP-Internal after garnering 894 votes, defeating DEKADA’s bet Josea Roy Dimasuay who garnered 728 votes, while 176 Artlets left the position unanswered.

Despite being an independent candidate, Flores ensured that this will not hinder her in creating a united student council. 

“We must work together on how we can move forward as a body in the realization of our shared goals, that is to guarantee a unified and progressive council that could better serve the studentry,” Flores told The Flame.

Francesca Ventanilla was proclaimed PRO with 888 votes, besting DEKADA’s bet Joshua Yman Penales with 736 votes, while 174 Artlets abstained.

DEKADA’s bet Kim Dacanay will assume the position of secretary after receiving 1,465 votes, with 333 Artlets who abstained.

“Being elected by the student body means foregoing any political affiliations you have had. I’m no longer serving the interests of a single political party alone, but the entire Artlet community. After all, effective collaboration is essential in a council,” Dacanay told The Flame.

Jiego Tagaban, a candidate from DEKADA is the new treasurer after securing 1364 votes. There were 434 Artlets who did not vote for the candidate.

Platforms to prioritize

As online class continues, VP-Internal Flores stated that her platform “JustEase Amid Crisis” would be feasible to conduct first, as it promoted academic leniency through easing academic requirements, imposing academic breaks, and bringing back the no-fail policy.

In assessing the needs of Artlets, Flores would conduct a survey regarding the concerns of online learning such as internet connectivity, fees, and mental health problems. 

PRO Ventanilla aims to implement Pag-ABiso, the attendance tracker of the ABSC members, and posting the minutes of their meetings on social media.

Ventanilla told The Flame that this campaign will show the ABSC’s transparency and honest governance.

Meanwhile, Dacanay believes that her platform, Athena’s Calendar, will help solve the challenges faced by distance learning such as the lack of effective information dissemination, thus it needs the most immediate implementation.

Tagaban also saw the need to prioritize his project LoNA as online classes have been a major challenge for students. 

“Through Project LoNA, I know it will at least help a population of the Artlet community who wants to study [efficiently], but is hindered by outside elements such as [lack of] mobile data,” Tagaban told The Flame.

No students filed for the positions of president, vice president-external, and auditor. 

Proklamasyon 2021 was held virtually by Tomasian Media Circle and Talents, Saturday night.

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