Dos and Don’ts for Paskuhan 2022

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AFTER TWO years of virtual celebrations, the University of Santo Tomas will finally hold its Paskuhan festivities, from liturgies to concerts, in person.

As part of the preparations, University officials held a virtual session last Nov. 11 to discuss the protocols for the much-anticipated event. 

The Flame listed the things Thomasians need to know to enjoy the festivities. 


Mark your calendars

Thomasians can look forward to experiencing the Agape and Paskuhan concert festivities to be held on Dec. 2 and 19, respectively. 

Tunog Tomasino, the university-wide battle of the bands, is set to take place on Dec. 5. 

The Paskuhan Mass will be held on Dec. 16 at 5 p.m. at the UST Santissimo Rosario Parish. All donations from mass attendees will go to Dominican missions in different areas of the Philippines.

The Paskuhan festivities will be held on Dec. 19, beginning with a raffle at 10 a.m., followed by the Paskuhan Concert at 4 p.m.

Wear your face masks

UST Health Service Director Dr. Sheryl M. Dionisio emphasized the need for all attendees to wear face masks, as many people are expected to join the festivities.

“We will be requiring everyone to wear a face mask as part of the minimum public health standard to ensure public health and safety,” she said. 

Attending alumni must use the application in place of the Thomasian Online Medical Services and Support or ThOMedSS health declaration checklist. 

“They have to accomplish the health declaration checklist on the day of the event so that they will be presenting the QR code that will be provided by the app upon entry,” Dionisio said.

Dress appropriately

Thomasians are advised to dress modestly for the festivities, which is not just about merry-making but is also about the birth of Christ and the heroism of pandemic frontliners.

“Of course our students are encouraged to come to the university in their modest and decent attire because they’re not attending a private party but a university event,” Batulan said.


Don’t invite non-Thomasians

This year’s Paskuhan festivities will only be open to Thomasian students, employees and alumni in compliance with COVID-19 health protocols. However, university administrators are hopeful that non-Thomasians will be allowed to join the event in the future. 

But Thomasians need not despair because they can always hold after parties with their friends from other schools provided they observe safety measures. 

Don’t forget your IDs and QR codes

The University will implement a strict ‘no ID, no QR code, no entry’ policy for all Paskuhan 2022 events.

Thomasians are required to accomplish their ThOMedSS health declaration checklist to enter the campus.

Alumni and students without ID must secure a digital or printed copy of their QR codes from the MyUSTe student or alumni portal before entering the campus.

“They (alumni) get to generate a code similar to the ones being generated for the students. […] It has to be presented for scanning and that’s already approved as an alternate identification,” said Emmanuel Batulan, executive assistant to the Office of the Secretary-General. 

Besides checkpoint access, the ID and QR code will also serve as a food stub during Agape.

Don’t be late

The University’s security office will implement measures to cut the long lines outside the campus.

Joseph Badinas, detachment commander of the UST Safety and Security Office, said the  campus would be opening early for attendees to have a leeway to get in.

Badinas also encouraged the use of transparent bags to reduce the time for bag inspections. 

“We discourage using big bags during inspection to avoid delays and long entrance lines. Instead, we encourage everyone to use transparent bags to ease the inspection process,” Badinas said.

Thomasians are also prohibited from bringing sharp and pointed objects.

Don’t bring your car

To ensure traffic regulation, Facilities Management Office engineer Jared Gunting said the University would implement “carless days” on Dec. 2 and 19.

“We encourage everyone to not bring their car because we’ll be expecting traffic and there will be a lot of people during that day,” he said.

However, the car park will remain open on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Gates 1, 2, 6, 7, 10, 11, and 14 will be available for pedestrians on Dec. 2, while gates 1, 2, 7, 10, 11, 14, and the public link bridge will be open on Dec. 19.

Attendees with motor vehicles may enter through gate 14 on both dates.

The Office of the Secretary-General is expected to release a memorandum  detailing all the University’s recommendations and policies relevant to the festivities. F – Katherine Chan and Aubrey Shane Lim


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