AB Board of Majors hits ABSC bets’ platforms

Members of the UST AB BOM, consisting of the 13 AB society presidents, sat as panelists during the miting de avance on March 25, 2023. Photo by Grehmalyne Carandang/THE FLAME

THE FACULTY of Arts and Letters’ Board of Majors has expressed disappointment over the platforms presented by the Artlets Student Council (ABSC) candidates during the recent miting de avance, saying they lack timeliness, sustainability, and substance.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Mar. 29, the board questioned the platforms presented by the candidates, noting that platforms are supposed to be based on needs and goals of the student body.

“The role of the student council shall not be demeaned as merely being event organizers or project planners; proposed plans must at least be within the jurisdiction of the positions candidates are vying for,” the board, which consists of student leaders from all the programs of the faculty, said.

The board also assailed the delay in the release of the proposed policies and agenda of some candidates whom they accused of lack of accountability for “redirecting the blame in the approval process.”

“Delays in publicizing their platforms and plans for the upcoming academic year have robbed the electorate of sufficient time to peruse their proposed policies and agendas,” the statement read.

The board also claimed that several ABSC candidates have solicited support from various groups and individuals through society emails and direct messaging.

“These conducted communications are considered unbecoming and disavowed by the rightful process mandated by the AB Comelec (Faculty of Arts and Letters Commission on Elections),” the board said.

Section 12 of the AB Comelec rules and regulations states that incumbent officers are not allowed to use their position to campaign for any candidate, including themselves.

Voting for the Faculty of Arts and Letters Student Council started last Tuesday, Mar. 28, and will end on Saturday, April 1. F – Zoe Airabelle Aguinaldo, Aubrey Shane Lim and Bless Aubrey Ogerio

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