UST Tiger TV Tiktok account hacked

THE OFFICIAL TikTok account of UST Tiger TV, Tiger Media Network’s online television unit, was hacked on Thursday, March 14, displaying changes in its username and account profile.

Tiger TV online head Andrea Mendoza said she was informed of the unauthorized access at around 8 a.m., after the channel’s previous username of @ustigertv was altered to @hacktik667 under the name “Ben Franklin.”

“Our social media representatives still had access to the account even while the hacking was ongoing, which is why it became easier for us to regain access at around 10 [a.m.],” Mendoza told The Flame

No video was posted on the streaming platform during the time Tiger TV account was hacked. 

Its TikTok account has been set to private, prohibiting non-followers from viewing its online content “to prevent additional damage,” Mendoza said. According to her, stronger cybersecurity measures are also being implemented across Tiger TV’s social media accounts. 

The online portal head said the hacker has not yet been identified.

Tiger TV, which has more than 10,000 followers and 300,000 likes on TikTok, will not be able to change its username until 30 days have passed because of the website’s policies. 

The television unit’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and X (previously Twitter) were not affected.

UST Tiger TV is one of the two divisions of Tiger Media Network, the University’s official broadcasting arm. It is known for its student-centric shows like Saan Tayo Kakain and Streak among others. F

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