A Fall for Requiem


IN the warzone of a deadly virus, Asclepius’ warriors battle in one crusade all over the world. Wearing their protective gear of surgical masks and goggles, they courageously face the enemy even if their weapons are not complete. In some parts of the world, the warriors have won, but in the Pearl of the Orient another kind of war looms ahead.

A more vicious enemy rules the country. With enough power and greed for authority, he is ready to defy the constitution for his advantage. He resides inside a palace protected by hundreds of pawns, with walls as strongly built as the barricades of Troy.

Outside his palace is a chaos of dying men, women, and children. In every silent street, there are people crying because of empty plates and gurgling stomachs. Most are struggling to survive another day, yet there are those who indulge in their hoards of food and privilege

Sitting on a chair made out of bones and bullets, the bloodthirsty monster oversees a country turned into a battlefield. It is a war between truth and deceit, survival and death, healing and deterioration — voices and bullets. He wields his power tightly, proclaiming to everyone that he is the law.

In due time, power-hungry rulers will fall like the city of Troy and their authority will crumble to pieces. Someday, the bullets will ricochet, and the oppressors will taste the wrath of the mass. Enough is enough, for once again, Prometheus will be unbound. F PATRICK V. MIGUEL

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